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Founder and Principal Melanie Bladow is passionate about driving change, believes that strategy and people skills will differentiate the technology leaders of the future, and she’s ready to show you how!
what's the tern strategy?

I’m Melanie Bladow, owner of Tern Consulting. I’m a digital transformation specialist who leads organizations to change how they work through the adoption of technology.

Throughout my career, I’ve watched countless companies invest huge amounts of money in IT ventures—only to see them fail to deliver the expected value or results.

Why is that?

There’s a huge factor business leaders overlook when they’re implementing new technology systems:

Their people.

Technology in isolation won’t make your business more efficient or effective. No technology, no matter how advanced, will help your company if it is not successfully integrated into your current ecosystem. Doing so requires leadership and a strategy that prioritizes people, process and participation.

I get it. Change is hard. But the amazing thing about technology is that it has the power to make our work lives so much easier and more fulfilling. Employees who bristle at the introduction of new technology systems typically do so because they feel like it’s something that’s happening to them, like they’re not a part of the process.

When technology was first introduced to work environments in the ‘80s and ‘90s, it automated people away. Today it elevates people to their highest and best purpose, enabling them to focus on what’s important and how to work together.

When people feel like they’re empowered and helping to define a new era, that’s where organizations see tangible, lasting and positive change.

I’ll help you implement the technology that will make your organization better than it was before—whether that pertains to production, performance, saving money or all of the above.

Together we’ll create the roadmap, and I’ll guide you through your company’s digital transformation.
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