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Organizational change is exciting and positive when teams are invested in improvement, empowered to make an impact, and engaged in the process of creating operational connection through technology adoption. You’ve got all the pieces already; all you need is a guide to bring it all together.

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Leverage The Power And Value Of Technology.

Achieve sucessfull transformation through:


Developing a deep understanding of who your change impacts and how.


Identifying what actions, decisions and interactions make your organization run.


Involving your people in your process to create and embrace lasting change.

Digital Transformation Services

Support your digital transformation journey from approach to execution, with a range of services tailored to your organizational culture and targeted to generate results.



Your team, and the people who will use your technology are the most valuable resources you have, as the decisions you make at the beginning of your digital transformation project determine the outcomes you realize. Including organizational goals and understanding your corporate culture in the development of strategy can streamline every step along the way to your goal.



Beginning with collaboration, encouraging exploration of ideas and potential pitfalls is the foundation of success. Gaining early buy-in and having open, honest conversations is incredibly important in the adoption of new systems. Take a proactive, integrative approach with fully facilitated workshops during pivotal project phases and effective change management occurring on a continual basis.



Leading digital projects successfully through to technology adoption and transformation completion is the ultimate accomplishment. Having the right information from the right people at the right time ensures your project hits key metrics and milestones during delivery. Tying it all together, guided process development and program execution paves the way for growth and profitability

Leading Global Change

For over 25 years, Tern consulting’s founder, Melanie Bladow has taken wing across the world as a global leader in some of the most influential IT and business leadership projects on the planet. Notably, during the Arab Spring, Melanie led a crisis management team that was instrumental in keeping communications with Libya online.

She has also held titles such as CIO for BP’s Global Exploration Division. Originally hailing from Alaska, her expertise has taken her to the UK, Algeria, Moscow, Mumbai, Tripoli, Canada, and all throughout the U.S

Projects Around The World

Spanning the globe as well as a range of IT and operations projects, our work touches on everything from software development, data warehousing, and business intelligence to oilfield digitization, technology and cyber security strategy. While many of these projects are in support of information and workflows as well as efficiencies that can be readily measured, our methodology is strongly anchored in the people who understand, execute, and are impacted by organization-driven innovations and transformations.

Created an IT strategy for the Exploration Function of a global supermajor. This created five new staff positions and initiated an IT innovation and investment program valued at over $2 million in initial projects in the first year.
United Kingdom
Transformed the global work planning processes for the exploration division of a global supermajor.
United Kingdom
Managed response to Libyan revolution during the arab spring– evacuation of IT staff...
Managed a significant breach of cyber security for a global supermajor operating in Russia...
Managed response to Libyan revolution during the arab spring– evacuation of IT staff, data and equipment, and subsequent operational restart of Libyan operations.
Established a country entry IT investment program of $7 million over 18 months...
Established a country entry IT investment program of $7 million over 18 months...
Created strategy to implement new technologies in the field – business intelligence, wireless computing and real-time location awareness
Prudhoe Bay
Overhauled the multi-vendor IT Project Management Office.
Provided vision and strategy development, as well as design work for an Integrated Operations Center implementation to connect remote mining operations with business processes.
Oversaw an Integrated Operations Center implementation for a multi-facility chemical manufacturing business, geared to enable remote plant operations and new integrated work processes for all departments, as well as facilitate data-driven decision making throughout the company.

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