Transform your business and get the most from your investment in technology.



Working with organizations to identify where technology and business process changes will increase value and improve performance.

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Maximizing investment in cyber security by developing multi-tiered information security risk management plans that protect an organization’s most valuable and vulnerable information assets.

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Achieving meaningful organizational change using holistic transition plans that include process, people and technology.

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Tern Consulting is a global management consultancy specializing in technology and business transformation strategy.

Founder and Principal Melanie Bladow is passionate about driving change, believes that strategy and people skills will differentiate the technology leaders of the future, and she’s ready to show you how!

When she was working as a Chief Information Officer, Melanie saw organizations struggle to capitalize the value of technology. They spend vast sums of money managing ever larger portfolios without reaping its full benefit. This is because most organizations consider technology first and the change it drives nearing the end of an implementation. She developed a methodology that creates lasting transformation through the alignment of people, process and technology at the outset and ties it to a holistic change strategy.

projects and work

Tern Consulting around the world

Created an IT strategy for the Exploration Function of a global supermajor. This created five new staff positions and initiated an IT innovation and investment program valued at over $2 million in initial projects in the first year.
United Kingdom
Transformed the global work planning processes for the exploration division of a global supermajor.
United Kingdom
Managed response to Libyan revolution during the arab spring– evacuation of IT staff...
Managed a significant breach of cyber security for a global supermajor operating in Russia...
Managed response to Libyan revolution during the arab spring– evacuation of IT staff, data and equipment, and subsequent operational restart of Libyan operations.
Established a country entry IT investment program of $7 million over 18 months...
Established a country entry IT investment program of $7 million over 18 months...
Created strategy to implement new technologies in the field – business intelligence, wireless computing and real-time location awareness
Prudhoe Bay
Overhauled the multi-vendor IT Project Management Office.
IT and Business Leadership

Tern Consulting’s Principal and Founder

Melanie’s 20 year global career has spanned both IT and Business Leadership, leading teams in the UK, Algeria, Moscow, Mumbai, Tripoli and the US. Melanie has led initiatives for Software Development, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Oilfield Digitization, as well as setting technology and cyber security strategy as CIO for BP’s Global Exploration Division.

A highlight of her career was leading the crisis management team keeping communications with Libya online during the Arab Spring.

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