Process Development

Organizing the who, what, when, where, how, and why.

Processes touch every single area of an organization and influences the overall capacity for success, growth, and sustainability. With digitization or technology additions, it is important to consider the reason for each step and craft process modifications that streamline the ease of transferring ideas and information between people, teams and departments.

Elevating Your Processes

A holistic approach to building processes integrates the human actions, decisions, and interactions that make your organization run with the technological systems, metrics, and data that support them.

  • Process Creation

    Processes need to be clearly defined and repeatable to hold value, so they can be done consistently regardless of the person completing them. This is true for existing processes, and especially for new ones that come with project planning, execution, and sustainment.
  • Process Adaptation

    Digitization is a great way to streamline processes, however, it does require thoughtful conversion from current steps into effective methods that take advantage of digital tools and create modernized workflows.
  • Process Evaluation

    Each completed process will be accompanied by a set of criteria that can be monitored to provide status reporting, measure achievement, and to calculate efficiency and availability of resources throughout the company.

Holistic Process Development

So much more than simple cross-functional process mapping, these activities will set your teams up for long-term success, reduce training costs, and allow you to easily evaluate requirements for future projects and opportunities.

This methodology works by defining:

  • The value the process delivers for your organization.
  • The metrics you use to evaluate if you are achieving this value.
  • The role of people and teams in this process and how they support each other.
  • Where technology supports your people to achieve these goals.
  • How you will integrate this into your other processes and organizational structures.

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Process Development

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