Strategy & Roadmap Development

A strategy will help you zoom in from a bird’s eye view to bring true value to your organization.

So, you want to do something new, or change how you do something today.  Maybe that means adopting a new technology, applying innovative methodologies, changing the way your teams work, or launching a new line of business. Strategy drives success by breaking down each stage of the project to understand costs, timelines, resources, and value to the organization.

The Tern Strategy Methodology

  • The Why

    What does success look like? Especially with technology, there is a temptation to implement technology for the sake of upgrading without really understanding specifically where in the business it will provide value: will it create efficiency, increase output, reduce risk or open new markets?
  • The What

    Which solutions fit your needs? We work with clients to identify strategically where technology provides value for their organizations and then develop a collective vision for what this looks like and how they can achieve it.
  • The How

    Where do you go from here? Your organization is a unique ecosystem, with its own set of strengths and resources. Your how will be exclusive to your team, goals, and culture. We’ll work with you to understand how they best intersect, and what resources or support you might need, and how to leverage these things – your strategy – to go the distance.

Strategic Development Offerings

Strategy is an essential tool for all organizational change, and projects involving technology adoption, organizational or team structure, and future planning yield especially good results when led by a well-developed strategy.

Some examples of our strategic development work include:

  • Cyber Security Strategy
  • Integrated & Remote Operations
  • New Market Entry
  • Technology Strategy
  • Future Organizational Model


  • Arctic Terns weigh just 3.5 ounces, but have one of the longest known migration routes of all animals, even longer than the humpback whale. They travel over 44,000 miles in a year from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again.
  • Arctic Terns will travel an estimated 1.5MM miles in their lifetimes. That’s a trip to the Moon 3 times over.
  • Because of their migratory patterns, Arctic Terns get to see 2 summers every year. They see more daylight than any other animals in the world.

What would bold bring you?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Arctic Terns are one of the only birds aside from the Hummingbird that can hover.
  • Arctic Terns don’t spend the whole route of their migration flying by flapping their wings – they glide a great amount of the distances, taking advantage of their unique hovering ability.
  • Arctic Terns are so adept at this, they can sleep while gliding.

What can you do to work smarter?

The Easiest Route Isn’t Always The Shortest Route

  • Arctic Terns don’t take straight routes from the North Pole to the South and back again.
  • The birds follow a somewhat convoluted course in order to take advantage of prevailing winds, in some cases going to all seven continents!
  • They will seemingly detour long distances to find better feeding grounds or to avoid bad weather, taking advantage of their environment.

What route will take you to most easily to your destination?

Embrace Success!

  • There are estimated to be over 2mm arctic terns worldwide
  • They hold the world record for long distance migration of any creature on Earth

What could you achieve with the right strategy?

The Arctic Tern Teaches Us:

  • It’s not your size, but the size of your ambition that matters.
  • It’s not your effort, but the impact of your effort that enables you to achieve.
  • It’s not your route, but the ease of travel that propels you to go the distance.

Strategy & Roadmap Development

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