Cultural Assessments

Cultural connectedness is the deciding factor in the execution of your strategy.

There’s an old saying in business that “culture eats strategy for lunch”. The truth is, this only happens when the strategy doesn’t account for the current cultural composition, behavioral trends, or what may need to change in your culture in order to execute.

How it Works

Our cultural assessment is a proven system for analyzing interconnectedness and building strong cultural frameworks within multi-level organizations.

  • Step 1: Research

    The visible and measurable manifestation of your culture are behaviors. First, we’ll collaborate with leadership to identify key behaviors within the team that support your goals, or hinder them. A targeted questionnaire isolates the presence of these behaviors to predict the team’s ability to successfully execute on projects together or handle change in their roles or teams, as well as to determine opportunities for improvement and growth.
  • Step 2: Reveal

    Your report illuminates the unique composition of your organization, highlighting communication styles and unity between leaders and teams and illustrating cultural trends or underlying challenges that may work against your strategy or project goals. You will also gain insight into how your people feel their importance and impact is valued. You’ll be able to clearly see where communication pathways need repair, and how connected your teams are to the vision and direction of the organization.
  • Step 3: Recommend

    Each assessment includes a set of recommendations to address and improve culture. Often, the most effective way to resolve these challenges is to use a focus group or workshop model to dig in to specific topics, providing the people who make up the organization the opportunity to be a part of the solution. You may also see action steps for leadership and suggestions for adjustments to your strategy to account for these cultural elements going forward.
  • Step 4: Realign

    Throughout this process, you will go through exercises to define specific behaviours that will make your organization successful. Your newly identified action plan will contain metrics to monitor and tools to asses your progress at making that change. You will be able to access year over year data to support your strategy and planning activities so your culture is factored into decision-making processes on an ongoing basis.

Key Questions for Cultural Resilience

When you are looking to change or strengthen your culture, identifying a set of tangible steps is crucial to success.

Our cultural assessment is designed to find answers to these important questions:

  • What do the behaviours of your ideal future culture look like?
  • How will you make the change?  
  • How will you measure your progress?

Culture cannot be dictated or delegated, so many of the discoveries that support your organization’s cultural resilience and success rely on having the right leadership and core team in place to set an example, infusing principals throughout communications and elements of the organization, and creating a framework that influences rather than demands change.

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